8 best stocks and shares ISAs 2019 - invest from £25 a month

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• Start with as little as £25–£50 a month

• Access your money whenever you want

• Choose your investments or leave it all to the experts

• Set your own preferred level of risk vs reward

What could I make? What could I lose?

• Expect to make around 5%–6% a year after fees on average – but be prepared to ride out the highs and lows

• If you're investing for at least 5 years, shares are likely to do better than cash – the longer the better, but nothing's guaranteed


The 8 best stocks and shares ISAs of 2019

In no particular order... 

Which of these ISAs suit you best?

…if you want your portfolio to run on autopilot

I suggest robo-advisors like Nutmeg, Wealthify or Vanguard for an easy, warm welcome to investing. Or Investec Click & Invest for a touch of the private banking brand experience from £2,500. 


…if you want to save money and the planet

Wealthify and Nutmeg are top of the honours list again, each with a range of ready-made, socially responsible portfolios. Or, if you’d prefer to pick your own investments, AJ Bell Youinvest has a list of funds (basically stocks and shares multipacks) with a handy ethical filter.


…if you want to pick your own investments

Hargreaves Lansdown has a broad range of investments to choose from and market-leading customer service. AJ Bell Youinvest and Fidelity are great too for medium-sized portfolios. Or, if you’re looking to invest £50,000 or more, Interactive Investor have a fixed fee structure that means you’ll pay less the larger your portfolio gets.


These top picks originally appeared as part of a longer article. Take a look for more guidance around stocks and shares ISAs.

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Check out our independent Best Buys for ratings, reviews and summaries of top investment platforms and robo advisors. There's even an ethical filter to keep your money moral.

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