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Annual Conference roundup - The Best Bits

Phoebe Smith | 28/09/2018 | 68

So, you might possibly have noticed that 26 September was a big day for Boring Money… we hosted our 2018 Annual Conference! Back for our third year, we organised a full day which put consumers firmly in the spotlight, and asked experts from the finance sector to think about how they can do a better job of connecting and communicating with their customers.

  • Wary Woman
  • Intrepid Investor
  • Everyday Entrepreneur
  • Stocks and Shares ISA
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How Should I Invest £10,000?

Holly Mackay | 28/09/2018 | 186

Investing should be a simple process and yet the finance industry has veiled it in layers of complexity and jargon. We'll tell you what you need to know and suggest three ways to get started.

  • Suspicious Saver
  • No Tribe Yet
  • Stocks and Shares ISA
  • Online Investment Platforms
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Neil Woodford and Terry Smith are two fund managers who are as close as this industry gets to Beyonce or Bono. They are household names (in households with actuaries or investors!). Both have adopted a straight-talking approach, both have demonstrated the knack of seeing beyond numbers, and both could easily have had a career in PR or marketing. They are Showmen with Substance.

  • Intrepid Investor
  • Everyday Entrepreneur
  • Investing
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Avoiding financial hornswogglers

Cherry Reynard | 19/09/2018 | 42

We thought International Talk Like a Pirate Day might be a good moment to remind you how to avoid those real life pirates who would steal all yer treasure (that will be your pension fund) and leave you adrift on the good ship poverty.

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  • Tired Parent
  • Giving Grandparent
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