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Am I too old for sustainable investing? I'm retired

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

1 Jan, 2020

You might have heard that investing for the good of the world as well as the good of your bank balance is a very ‘millennial’ thing to do. What a load of tosh! Absolutely anyone can care about the impact they have, and absolutely everyone should at least check out sustainable investing to see if it’s for them.

We caught up with Darren Thomas, an award-winning Independent Financial Adviser and Managing Partner of Thomas and Thomas Finance (, to see what his more senior clients think of sustainable investing.

- “Everyone and their dog will tell you that ‘oh yes of course, sustainable investing is for the younger generation’. And absolutely they are pushing a bit harder and they will ask the questions. But what we found is that once we made it available and we educated our clients, many of our older or retired clients were coming at this from a really different angle. Many are so excited to be able to do something for their future grandchildren’s generations through the way they invest. It’s like the lightbulb just came on. ‘Yeah let’s do this!'
- “Because we’re passionate about this, we offered to move anyone from mainstream to sustainable at no cost to them – didn’t take any charges or commissions. And now, every single one of our clients has at least one sustainable fund, but almost half have now got an entirely sustainable portfolio.”

Isn’t that amazing? Every single client has jumped on the sustainable bandwagon – regardless of age, gender or investment goals. So it seems fairly safe to say that whatever your current investments do for you financially, sustainable investments could possibly do the same.

That being said, it’s always worth talking to an advisor about the specifics before you move any large amounts of money. And you should bear in mind that Thomas and Thomas didn’t take charges or commission – if your wealth managers do charge then it might tip the balance of how worthwhile the move is. Ask your advisor to do the maths for you.