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Introducing our new Money Tribe: are you an Intrepid Investor?

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

10 May, 2018

You’ve already invested and the ISA’s sorted. You know your emerging markets from your bonds. That said there’s always scope for a few cunning tax tips and an investment sense check. When it comes to money even old dogs can learn new tricks. Read on for fund picks, a pensions MOT and ISA ideas.

You’ve got an ISA and you’re generally pretty comfortable with stock market investment. You know that there’s rough and smooth, and this is a long-term game. You know the difference between a bond and a share, your dividends from your fixed interest, and your BP from your Tesco.

That’s great, but your portfolio can always work a little harder. When was the last time you checked the funds in your portfolio, making sure they still match your financial goals and the market environment? Are you a bit tech heavy? Or would you rather your portfolio was a bit more ethical? Are you prepared for a tougher investing climate?

Then there’s your tax situation. Have you max-ed out your ISAs? Made good use of your pensions? Pensions can be baffling and the rules change with the seasons; it’s always worth having the occasional tax wrapper MOT.

We’ll aim to tackle these issues and many more for our Intrepid Investors. Markets can be unpredictable and it’s worth a bit of gentle pruning and sowing in your investment garden. We’re here to help.