Introducing our new Money Tribe: are you an Intrepid Investor?

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You’ve got an ISA and you’re generally pretty comfortable with stock market investment. You know that there’s rough and smooth, and this is a long-term game. You know the difference between a bond and a share, your dividends from your fixed interest, and your BP from your Tesco.

That’s great, but your portfolio can always work a little harder. When was the last time you checked the funds in your portfolio, making sure they still match your financial goals and the market environment? Are you a bit tech heavy? Or would you rather your portfolio was a bit more ethical? Are you prepared for a tougher investing climate?

Then there’s your tax situation. Have you max-ed out your ISAs? Made good use of your pensions? Pensions can be baffling and the rules change with the seasons; it’s always worth having the occasional tax wrapper MOT.

We’ll aim to tackle these issues and many more for our Intrepid Investors. Markets can be unpredictable and it’s worth a bit of gentle pruning and sowing in your investment garden. We’re here to help.


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