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Are you financially fit? Meital takes our 6 Point Plan quiz

11 July, 2017

Meital, our fearless Digital Marketing Manager, has taken the plunge...and gets a pleasant surprise.

Am I financially fit? Perhaps not marathon fit, but I think I’m doing OK. However, taking the Boring Money Financial Fitness test did reveal a few rogue areas I didn’t even know I should be caring about.

Top of the list was emergency funds: ‘Emergency’ can cover a number of pretty scary and complex scenarios – from a leaky roof to long-term unemployment – but these are not equally expensive. How should I know how much should I put aside? We have a month’s salary set aside. Boring Money says that’s not enough and we should have three months' salary to fall back on. This sounds like a lot, but it’s a long-term goal.

But I do have life insurance – big tick: I might now know much about finance, but I've got this covered, mister! However, now I learn that "As a rule of thumb, most advisers suggest that we have life insurance to pay off any debts plus at least 75% of our annual outgoings". I'm not sure on this, but it gives me something to check and, if necessary, improve on.

I can hold my head up on pensions as well. Having concluded some time ago that by the time I'm old and needy, social insurance institutions throughout the world would be so broke, that we won't have state pensions, I got myself a private pension. I suspect I’m not in any immediate danger of hitting the £1m lifetime allowance. However, given that I hadn’t heard of it, I now know to watch out.

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