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Are you financially fit? Phoebe takes our 6 Point Plan quiz

11 July, 2017

How should a talented Marketing Assistant with a slug of student debt go about getting financially fitter?

Do you have expensive debt? Like payday loans or credit card debt?

Asking a millennial graduate whether they have expensive debt will always be emotive, but student debt doesn’t count as ‘expensive’, so for once it seems that I’m blissfully ‘debt-free’, hooray! I’ll savour this feeling…

Do you have three months' income in cash?

I got into the savings habit young, so I feel virtuous on the emergency funds question. Thanks to a combination of my first post office account and then later a Cash ISA, I have three months’ salary in cash. It looks like my childhood pocket money is paying off now

Do you have life insurance?

Here I come unstuck. However, at the risk of proving the age-old adage that the young think they’re invincible - while I know I’ll need life insurance at some point, now doesn’t seem to be it. At the very start of my career, I don’t have any dependents or contractual outgoings, such as a mortgage yet (I wish!).

Do you have a will?

I feel the same about a will. My most expensive assets are probably my phone followed by my battered old laptop - hardly family heirlooms. Though the advice that many charities offer free online will services, is one to bookmark. While I may not have any riches to pass on, I’ll definitely look into making a will. I should probably specify that I’d like my urn to nourish a tree after I’m gone!

Do you have a personal or workplace pension?

Bonus points on the pensions, however. I’m the rather chuffed owner of a current and a past workplace pension. However, I have been meaning to combine them into one pot, so I’ve added that to my to-do list.

Do you have a stocks & shares ISA?

I don’t currently have a stocks and shares ISA, though working at Boring Money has given me some appetite to start my own little investment portfolio. First, I need to break my cash habit and have a bit more money to save.

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