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When you're on the hunt for an investment fund, best buy lists can be really handy for trimming down the thousands upon thousands of options. However, most of these lists don't let you easily filter for sustainable investments, so you're left trying to decipher long, bizarre, technical fund names, hoping 'ESG' or 'Impact' will turn up. Not ideal if you're short on time or patience. Another option? - Look for trophies instead. 


Winners from the Sustainable & ESG Investment Awards

Hosted by Investment Week

Best Newcomer:

Winner: Morningstar MPS – ESG Range

Best Sustainable and ESG Equity Fund:

Winner: BMO Responsible Global Equity Fund

Best Sustainable & ESG Multi-Asset Fund:

Winner: Jupiter Global Ecology Diversfied Fund

Best Sustainable & ESG Bond Fund:

Winner: Rathbone Ethical Bond Fund

Best Green Bond Fund:

Winner: Allianz Green Bond Fund

Best Impact Fund:

Winner: Baillie Gifford Positive Change Fund

Highly Commended: Montanaro Better World Fund

Best Sustainable & ESG Alternative Assets Fund:

Winner: JLEN Environmental Assets Group Limited

Best Environmental/Climate Change Fund:

Winner: Pictet-Global Environmental Opportunities Fund

Highly Commended: Ninety One Global Environment Fund

Best Sustainable & ESG ETF:

Winner: BNP PARIBAS EASY ECPI Circular Economy Leaders UCITS ETF


Just to be clear, these are not recommendations from Boring Money and we are not financial advisors. Please always remember to do your homework before you invest – these funds may have been top of the pile in 2020 but things may have changed.

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