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Award-winning sustainable investment funds

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

1 Jan, 2020

Everybody loves a winner. So here are 9 award-winning sustainable investment funds to consider for your portfolio. Fancy helping the environment? Got it covered. Want something innovative? Look no further...

When you're on the hunt for an investment fund, best buy lists can be really handy for trimming down the thousands upon thousands of options. 70% of investors say they use them, and 25% say they rely on them. The thing is, most of these lists don't let you easily filter for sustainable investments, so you're left trying to decipher long, bizarre, technical fund names, hoping 'ESG' or 'Impact' will turn up. Not ideal if you're short on time or patience. So what can you do? Look for trophies instead.

Winning funds from the Sustainable & ESG Investment Awards

Hosted by Investment Week in November 2019

Award for Innovation (Funds)

Candriam Equities L Oncology Impact

Award for Innovation (Portfolios)

Triodos Microfinance Fund

Best Environmental Fund

Triodos Renewables Europe Fund

Best Ethical Alternative Asset Fund

Best ESG Investment Fund

BMO Responsible Global Equity Fund

Best Ethical Investment Fund

Best Impact Fund

Montanaro Better World Fund

Best Sustainable Investment Fund

Triodos Global Equities Impact Fund

Best New Entrant

Wellington - Global Impact Bond Fund

What was the judging criteria?

  • Clarity of sustainable objectives including environmental, ethical and ESG investment objectives

  • Strong Performance

  • Experience in sector

  • Communication to investors

  • Transparency

  • Good Reputation and Compliance

  • Levels of ongoing service and support

  • Overall quality of submission

Just to be clear, these are not recommendations from Boring Money and we are not financial advisors. Please always remember to do your homework before you invest – these funds may have been top of the pile in November but things may have changed.