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Holly's Blog: Awards and progress

11 July, 2017

I have a slightly fuggy head today, courtesy of a night out at the glittering star-studded Shares Magazine Awards last night.

Held at the home of Corporate Back-Patting, the Grosvenor on Park Lane, I did narrowly avoid an evening at the Packaging Awards, initially trying to gain entrance to the wrong bash. Once I had overcome my disappointment at not seeing who won the Best Shrink-Wrapped Cucumber Award, I did observe that there must be more money in packaging than in share trading as we were certainly in the smaller room at the back! Oh how times have changed.

One of my hosts, from Interactive Investor, also reminded me of how margins in this space have fallen and processes improved. He’s been working in share dealing for over 20 years and was describing the world he started out in – paper certificates, accounts taking a month to set up, trades costing £100 a go and people checking share prices on Ceefax. (Apols millennials – Google it. It was sort of like a very bad, centrally-curated, grey internet with the weather, sport, share prices and flight times available on your telly.) It is sometimes worth pausing to remember quite how much progress has been made over the last 20 years.

Wealthify won the Best Online Investment Platform and Interactive Investor won the Best Execution-Only Broker Platform. Congratulations.

Boring’s Getting Bigger

We are now nearly 4 years old. With some hard-won lessons under our belt, tried and tested concepts and nearly half a million visitors in 2019, we are gearing up for big things in 2020. Yup, Boring’s getting Bigger! We’re embarking on a Series A fund raise which is a socially acceptable corporate way of saying that we’re asking people for money in return for a slice of the business. This will help us to deliver our plans of helping more people to make better choices about investments and pensions. If any angel investors or institutions would like to get in touch with me ( to learn more, please do.

Help us? 20 mins for £20

A large part of what we do chez Boring is to try and make the world of investing and pensions a better, clearer, less murky place. Helped by many of our readers – your comments, emails, ratings and reviews ( left on the site etc. – we gather customer feedback and channel this through to the industry. This week we published a white paper, aimed at regulators, policy makers and the industry, on how to make financial communications better (have a squizz ( and let us know what you think?).

We’re following this up with a final wave of research for the year and are looking for 25 readers – whether super confident or new to investing – to tell us what you think of some content, descriptions and cost disclosures. 20 minutes and we’ll give you £20 of John Lewis/Amazon vouchers in return. Please email us ( if you’re interested. And no, Dad, you are not eligible!

Have a great weekend everyone.


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