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More people than ever are becoming DIY investors. There are over 6 million accounts in the UK and our audience is growing as people want help with their choices.

Most of us are suspicious about large financial firms which don’t exactly have a glowing track record of treating their customers fairly. And we at Boring Money know that the ‘Trip Advisor’ bit of what we do – collecting ‘real people’s’ ratings and reviews – is really important. So…


We have launched our 2020 Investor Choice Awards and we’re keeping it simple.

Which is the best online investment service? And which is the best fund manager? Your opinion. Your view.

We’ve designed the voting for busy people with low boredom thresholds – this will take less than 2 minutes. Will you help us – and help other investors who are making their decisions – by casting your vote?

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The winners will be announced in our blog and on social media on Friday 24 July.

Alternatively, there will be a star-studded awards ceremony in Park Lane with endless dull speeches, a comedian you’ve never heard of, 53 sponsors, 95 awards, cold food, warm wine, Dad-dancing AND free groping after midnight – all yours for £500,000 a ticket*. Please contact us for details ;0)


Have a great weekend everyone.


*Disclaimer – this is a joke but if you would like to send me £500,000 I will see what I can arrange**

**Disclaimer – this was also a joke.

Who are your favourites?

Best Online Investment Service and Best Fund Manager 

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Holly's Blog: A challenge from Mr Mackay Senior

Like so many, Mr Mackay Senior holds the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, perennial bestselling investment trust on many platforms, (which has shot up by 50% over the last three months, 250% over the last 5 years) and was asking himself about taking profits and getting out.

A challenge from Mr Mackay Senior

popular funds 2020.png (1)

What are people investing in? Best-selling funds of June 2020

Where are people putting their money since the stock market crash? Top funds from the big providers

Best-selling funds of June 2020 - What did people invest in?

Do you think sustainable investing is a sector decision or a style?

Just a sector

A bit of both

More of an investment style

These answers help us understand what the nation thinks and how we can help

From 48 responses


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