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Boring Money Fund - the good, the bad and the ugly

7 Jan, 2022

What is the portfolio? What did we ask readers to do and when?

We asked you to tell us which regions, sectors and even which thematic industries you thought would do best in 2021 – and what proportion you would allocate to each. We put our money where your collective mouth was and invested £2,000 on the first trading day of 2021, creating the Boring Money fund on the AJ Bell platform.

How did it perform?

The portfolio was up about 5% for the year. Now that’s not bad – but neither is it a blinding example of skill! For comparison, the Vanguard LifeStrategy 100% equity fund was up 19% in 2021.

It’s actually a good summary of what was good last year – and what was horrid.

Best-performing areas:

Anything with a US flavour was good. The top performer for us was the Invesco S&P 500 ESG Index fund, closely followed by the HSBC American Index fund. Global funds were also a generally good bet.

Worst-performing areas:

At the other end of the spectrum, China and the arguably over-hyped. Clean Energy funds were the portfolio shockers.

You can see below the portfolio and weightings as voted by our readers at the start of the year. We’ll be coming back out to you shortly on how to re-jig things for 2022.

best and worst fundsbest and worst funds

This portfolio allocation image is as of 31st December 2021, factoring in the changes in value of all the funds and ETFs across the year.