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Best App 2022

9 Feb, 2022

Readers, contain your excitement as we welcome you to the digital red carpet of the glamorous UK investment and pension scene. The following providers get the Boring Money Best App 2022 and are listed in diplomatic alphabetical order below.

Boring Money has reviewed customer feedback on apps and tested with our own accounts. The winners’ apps are all easy to use, simple to navigate and both informative as well as functional.

These independent awards are compiled using customer reviews (30% of the score), Boring Money’s rigorous behind the scenes testing using our live accounts, charges (25% of the score) and customer service including call centres and support. These awards take our research team of 6 analysts over 2 months to research and collate, and recognise all round excellence. In our opinion – and their customers’ opinion - they are the best apps in the UK today for those investing without an adviser.

Best App 2022 winners list

More information about the awards

Why did we come up with these awards and the Best App/Best Digital category?

When it comes to technology and new apps, the financial sector is starting to make some progress - but there's still a lot of work to be done. With so much new stuff coming into the market all the time, it can be hard to pick out the cream of the crop, understand what's right for you, and make an informed choice before you part with your cash. In response to the above, we created the Best App award to honour those companies who have taken the lead when it comes to technology and innovation. Think of this as an exclusive suite of providers who deliver consistently good value, transparent pricing, great website experiences and excellent customer service.

And how does this information help me as an investor?

We didn't just come up with these awards to brag about how amazing all these providers are. No - these exist to help you - the customer - make better, smarter financial decisions. Whether you're looking for the best app to monitor your stocks and shares ISA on your phone, or something nice and simple for managing your personal pension, we've done all that nitty gritty research and fiddly analysis so you don't have to. And as you navigate our website and compare providers, do look out for those brands with these logos next to their name. We don't just dish these out to anyone. Providers have to earn them - and that means doing one heck of a lot more than saying 'your call is important to us'.

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