Best Buy ISAs 2020: the winners


Boring Money Best Buys 2020: ISA


AJ Bell Youinvest

• Customer recommend score of 76%
• A strong choice if fair charges are high on your priority list, and a decent all-rounder in terms of service. Customers are happy too, leaving generally good feedback.

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• Customer recommend score of 59%
• Well rated by our Boring Money experts but not as much of a hit with customers as some of the others on this list. That being said, clear and notable improvements have been made, and costs are decent for smaller accounts.

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Hargreaves Lansdown

• Customer recommend score of 77%
• Despite poor press in 2019, Hargreaves' service and website continue to be largely well-rated by customers. Their website and app scored highly with our testers, but costs didn't fare quite as well. 

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• Customer recommend score of 82%
• Customers tend to like the experience of Nutmeg, and score the provider highly overall. Service, however, tends to score a little weaker. But costs are decent on a fixed allocation portfolio.

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• Customer recommend score of 80%
• A sturdy staple, Vanguard is strong on costs and a pretty solid choice. Customer ratings aren't remarkable, but they aren't bad either.

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• Customer recommend score of 85%
• Another good all-rounder, Wealthify is suitable for a wide range of investors. Plus it's decent on charges and very strong on front-end ratings with Boring Money testers.

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"Customer ratings and reviews form a large part of these awards – 30% of the score comes from the end user. This is the purest way of gauging the customer experience and including the value question alongside the more frequently analysed price issue.”

Holly Mackay, CEO of Boring Money



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John Woodward
Looking at your Boring Money Best Buy ISAs winners for 2020, I am amazed, fazed and dazed to see that Charles Stanley Direct is no longer on your list. It was heeding your enthusiastic reviews and the high praise of existing investors that decided me to put a significant chunk of my investments with them a few years back and I liked their re-vamped platform. Admittedly, since then, a few things have changed which have caused me unexpected irk. For instance, their use of TOC and AMC instead of the more usual OCF, Cboe not FTSE and the substantial increase in the platform charge. But all this is of little consequence if there are other reasons for their fall from Boring Grace. Am I missing something else more important?
03/03/2020 14:52:18
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