Best Buys 2020: Best for Beginner Investors


Boring Money Best Buys 2020:
Best for Beginner Investors


AJ Bell Youinvest

• Customer recommend score of 76%
• If passive multi-asset funds are your bag (the hands-off ones that spread your money across lots of different investment types) then Youinvest is a strong choice for low charges. Guidance for beginners could be a little more intuitive, but still a deserving win.

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• Customer recommend score of 59%
• The ready-made options you'll want as a beginner are well-priced here, so it's a good starting place to dip a toe into investing. Plus, our expert website testers gave generous scores throughout.

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• Customer recommend score of 100%
• Moneybox was made for beginner investors, so it's no surprise it's so well-rated with customers. Value is the weakest score they give, as charges aren't quite as competitive as others on this list. Still, it's easy to use and feels like a game at times.

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• Customer recommend score of 82%
• Simple and pleasing to use, Nutmeg has always scored well when it comes to looking after novices. The website is intuitive and scored well with our testers.

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• Customer recommend score of 100%
• They rate well with customers, they rate well with our experts, and their ready-made options which are great for beginners are fairly priced. Above all, the ability to combine all your pensions into one is a great first step for anyone who hasn't really paid much attention before.

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• Customer recommend score of 80%
• If you're just starting out and investing a small amount, costs will likely be on your side with Vanguard. And with good customer rankings, this big and sturdy provider is a decent choice.

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• Customer recommend score of 85%
• Journeys around Wealthify's website are clearly laid out, in human language, getting you where you need to go with minimal fuss. For investors who aren't down with all the lingo, you could certainly do worse.

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