Best Buys 2021: Best for Digital - Pensions

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Boring Money Best Buys 2021:
Best for Digital - Pension


Hargreaves Lansdown

• Customer recommend score of 77%
• Great functionality across its website and app allowing investors to achieve their goals easily and confidently.

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• Customer recommend score of 92%
• PensionBee has a strong grasp on how much to share and explain – the art of progressive disclosure does not overwhelm but builds trust as more details can be found for those who want to dig.

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Pension Planners: Meet the experts

Answering your pensions questions for our new Pension Planners tribe, these are the pros in the know about retirement saving.

Pension Planners: Meet the experts

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Comparing pension drawdown charges

Trying to work out which investment providers have performed well after fees is no easy task. After much frustration and endless Excel spreadsheets, we decided that the easiest and least controversial way to measure who does well was simply to open an account, stick £500 in and see how they did. Here is our January 2020 independent guide for consumers.

Pension drawdown fees comparison

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