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Best Buys 2021: Best for Sustainable Investors - Pension

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

24 Feb, 2021

The best investment platforms and robo advisers for sustainable Pension investors. Based on customer reviews and expert analysis of 30 test accounts.

We wanted to identify providers who have tried to help investors identify sustainable funds or portfolios to invest in. We looked at the supporting product range and availability of curated fund lists, and we looked at supporting research and information – it's depth, accessibility and how often it is refreshed. We considered the associated costs of sustainable investment options in conjunction with the associated platform or administration fee.

Boring Money Best Buys 2021:
Best for Sustainable - Pensions

AJ Bell YouInvest

  • Customer recommend score of 77%

  • Has created its own sustainable Responsible Growth multi-asset fund, which has featured in its best-selling monthly funds list since inception, a helpful easy and fairly priced way for its customers to make a start..

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Interactive Investor

  • Customer recommend score of 70%

  • Good sustainable content; ACE 40 list is well constructed and easily accessible; Ethical Growth portfolio is a well-crafted ready-made option.

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  • Customer recommend score of 82%

  • 10 risk-based socially responsible portfolios; detailed and innovative ESG portfolio analysis and incorporates an extensive range of criteria.

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  • Customer recommend score of 92%

  • Simple selection of sustainable portfolios at a fair fee.

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