Best Buys, ethics and Trade War Trump

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With less than 2 weeks to the end of the tax year, we’re getting tons of questions about ISAs and last minute top ups or account openings.
After months of updating our research and drawing out wireframes, I am pleased to tell you about an upgrade to the Boring Money website. We’ve been working away behind the scenes to revamp our Best Buys pages.
As anyone who has launched a website knows, it’s like childbirth without any drugs! Takes 10 times longer than you think and hurts more than is imaginable! But we’re up and running so please take a look. We imagine there will be a few hidden bugs to iron out and we’ve some final tinkering left to do. But we’d love to know what you think.
We’ve added lots of filters to help your search – by cost, by investor confidence levels and even who’s good on mobile. A new filter we’ll be adding this month is an ethical investing filter as requested by many of you. It’s pretty sparse today, to be honest, but new UK entrant Wealthsimple offers a socially responsible portfolio and start-up launched their ethical portfolio this week too. This basically screens out gambling, weapons, porn and fags – you’d be appalled to know what % of major markets these ‘bad boys’ are. Moving forward I predict and hope that this will become a much more mainstream discussion. Last year, Philip Morris contributed over 3% of the S&P 500’s gains, and was the fourth contributor behind Apple, Amazon then Facebook. Stick that in your conscience pipe and smoke it. Does that matter to you? 
At one extreme of the ethical seesaw sits Trade War Trump. Today, the FTSE100 has joined other markets and slumped in response to his tariffs on Chinese imports. The FTSE100 is down over 10% since January. Trade wars are not good for markets! Another factor is that the Fed raised interest rates by 0.25% in the States this week,  but also signaled that they might not keep hiking rates as quickly as markets were anticipating. Prospects of lower than expected interest rates don’t help the banks’ share prices – a massive chunk of the FTSE100 is made up of banks and these guys (Barclays, HSBC and RBS) are all down over the week.
That’s it for this week – have a great weekend everyone. Please do send feedback on the Best Buys pages or suggestions of other filters or selection criteria which you would find helpful.


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