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Wealthify: Best DIY Investment Provider 2020, as voted for by you

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

2 Sep, 2020

You voted Wealthify as your top pick of DIY Investment Providers in our Investor Choice Awards 2020. And apparently they're pretty chuffed about it...

1. These awards were voted for by investors - why do you think they chose Wealthify as ‘Best Investment Provider 2020’?

Providing unrivalled customer care to our valued investors is extremely important to us, and I believe we have seen this effort reflected back at us from happy customers. We have been lucky over the years that our customers are fantastic advocates for our products and service, and they have always been really willing to tell people how much they enjoy investing with us.

2. What does it mean to Wealthify to win this award?

It definitely gives us a warm glow of satisfaction! Our mission from day one was to provide a simple, affordable and transparent way for anyone to invest, so when we are recognised as industry-leading by investors in significant awards such as this, it reinforces that we are doing the right thing, and also motivates us to develop more products and services to help people start investing.

3. Of the investors who voted for you, 70% cited ‘Ease Of Use’ as what you do best. Can you give some examples of why this may be?

We are really happy with that particular result as one of our core principles is to keep our product and technology as simple and straight-forward as possible. We believe in this busy day and age, people value simplicity and that creating a product that is intuitive and easy to use is key to success. When designing any aspect of our customer journey, our designers and product team rely heavily on customer insight and user testing to ensure that customers can easily navigate and understand what they are doing, on both the website and in the app.

4. ‘Price’ was the least cited reason (8%) for voting for Wealthify – how do you respond to this?

We are certainly competitive within the market and intend to remain that way. In terms of votes, it indicates that our customers value us more for things like ease of use and that price is not as much a determining factor. It is also important to us that we create a level playing field for everyone, so unlike most investment services, customers can start a Wealthify plan with as little as a £1. To keep things fair, we also charge a flat rate fee regardless of the value of the customer’s investments, whereas many others charge fees on a sliding scale, so those investing more are typically charged less.

5. What’s in store for Wealthify customers over the next year or so?

Our focus is on listening to our customers and acting on their feedback to continuously improve the customer experience. We are also developing solutions that help more savers to become investors, so they can make their money work harder. We intend to provide more educational content and develop tools which help build understanding and confidence for them to start their investing journey.

If you're not familiar with Wealthify, explore their website here.