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Our Junior ISA Top Picks

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

9 July, 2021

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What is a Junior ISA?

These tax-free savings accounts allow you to build up a nest egg for the kids. You can open a cash one or a stocks & shares one and anyone can pay into this until your child’s 18th birthday. To be honest, if you're saving for at least 10 years (ie if Junior is 8 or under) then sitting in cash for this long and not harnessing your lot to the world's leading companies is a bit pointless......

£50 a month adds up!

If you can spare £25-£50 a month, or have a lump sum of about £500, you can usually set up a JISA.

These make sense for higher-income earners looking to keep as much away from the taxman as possible. You can use your adult ISA allowance of £20,000 x 2 AND the Junior ISA allowance of £4,260 per child. That's a big annual stash to shield from the tax man.

Over the long-term, shares will typically do better than cash. If your child is under 10 you really should be at least considering the stock market for these long-term savings.

The benefits

  • Give them a headstart with uni fees or driving lessons when they turn 18

  • Start with as little as £25 a month

  • Use a pre-packaged option which removes the anxiety of you choosing the investments

  • Great alternative to plastic tat at Christmas and birthdays

  • Get the kids involved – teach them about the stockmarket