Best Stocks And Shares ISA 2019

What is a Stocks and Shares ISA? 

The stocks & shares ISA is like a quarantined investment account, keeping the taxman's sticky mitts off your savings. Any increase in the value of your investments and any income you receive is basically tax-free. So it's a bit of a no-brainer if you're buying shares, funds or investments.

Every UK adult can shield up to £20,000 a year with an ISA.

The Benefits

  • Shield up to £20,000 a year from the tax man
  • The FTSE 100 in 2017 rose by about 12%. Interest rates are a limp 0.75%
  • But returns can be volatile and not guaranteed
  • Good vehicles for long-term savings
  • Easy access when you need it

Our Top Picks

We set up test accounts and score each provider on about 20 different criteria including cost, service, website, functionality, customer feedback and our experience of the service. We're impartial, independent, occasionally opinionated and hopefully fair.

Our Best Buys

The provider In a Nutshell The Details
  • Low cost
  • No access to shares
  • Straightforward investments
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