Beth: How I'd use the Investment Fees Calculator

Beth, a beginner investor

Wants to invest: £6,000 in a tax-free ISA and £4,000 in a tax-free Junior ISA

Preferred approach: Invest a lump sum with a well-regarded brand and leave it to grow until her family needs it

Funds or shares: Funds because they're an easy, all-in-one option that spreads the risk around different investments and regions



How Beth would use the calculator

Investment Fees Calculator

1. Type £10,000 into the first box (£6,000 + £4,000)

2. Tick the box that says 'I have a combination of these accounts' 

3. Type 60% into the ISA box (because £6,000 is 60% of the total £10,000) and 40% into the JISA box (because £4,000 is 40% of the total £10,000)


To save your results, simply add your email address in the dark blue box next to your results.


Try the calculator for yourself

Drum roll please! Beth's results...

Investment Fees Calculator

Calculations correct as at 15/7/2019

Notes about these results

• Remember that price isn’t everything – you might prefer a slightly more expensive investment platform or robo adviser that has a higher rating. It’s up to you!

• To find the simplest options for beginners, filter by 'ready-made'. These aren't the cheapest options, but you save yourself the hassle of picking your investments yourself.

• To see if there are any other investment providers which are especially good for first-timers, check out our Best Buys tables and filter by ‘Beginner investor’.

• As the years roll by, your overall investment pot will likely grow in size. If it does, you may want to come back and try the calculator again to make sure you’re still getting the best deal.


Try it for yourself: the Investment Fees Calculator

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