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Live Investing Webinars from Boring Money Presents

28 Oct, 2021

Your chance to hear from the investing experts - LIVE:

Investing can be complex, we know! At Boring Money our mission is to help real people just like you to understand the world of investing and get involved.

Lots of readers told us that alongside our guides, articles and comparison tables, it would help them learn if they could hear from investment industry experts directly, and quiz them in a live forum.

That's why we decided to launch Boring Money Presents, our exclusive programme of interactive events where we quiz the investing professionals in a strictly jargon-free live discussion with our CEO, Holly Mackay.

The online webinars are totally free to join and we'll be covering a wide range of topics from pensions, to investing tips for women and ideas for Savvy Investors.

Check out the schedule below and sign up for Holly's blog to book your space as soon as registration opens for each new event.

Coming soon from Boring Money Presents:


Investing For Children - 29th November 6pm

Want to know how you can give your children a financial headstart? In this live webinar we'll explain how you can invest for your children or grandchildren, explain the rules around different products and ask what you should be looking for in a junior investment portfolio. Join us to find out more and hear from Boring Money CEO, Holly Mackay, Wealthify CEO, Andrew Russell and financial adviser, Carly Dunningham as they answer your questions.

Supported by Wealthify

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