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This week I've spent a lot of time immersed in the strangely scientific world of digital marketing as we start to tell more people about boring money.

£8 a click – ouch!
To quote travel writer Bruce Chatwin, impecunity is the mother of invention. And if you’re not Santander with millions to spend on TV ads and athletes, you need to get creative and not just  participate in an unholy bidding war for attention!  Have a guess what you'd pay today on Google to be top of a search for "stocks and shares ISAs". What would it cost you every time someone clicked through to your site? A cool £7.56 that’s how much! £60,000 for all the searches in a typical month just on that single, specific collection of words.  So be gentle with your clicking!

If digital isn't your thing there's always the more traditional. Billboards. Posters. Cards on the tube for 2 weeks? How does £22,000 sound? And if you're a CEO desperate for a picture of yourself in front of a branded taxi ? Try £500 a week, although you do get 20 taxis for that.

The shopping list is endless. 2 fully wrapped London buses are £28,000 for a fortnight. The 4 big screens at Liverpool St station will set you back £14,000 for a fortnight. At a time when consumer scepticism is arguably at an all-time high, when recommendations and likes and reviews are more powerful than a billboard, these price tags need a very good business case behind them. You can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with my face looming down at you on your commute!
Which Money Tribe are you?
This week we’d love to ask for your help. We have a collection of Money Tribes. Although I’m not a pack animal and instinctively resist being grouped (don’t get me started on my recent Mark Warner holiday!!) , we do have common financial needs at particular life stages. And actually our confidence levels about investing, and our interest levels also define how we like to be talked to. Tired Parents and Wary Women are two of our popular Tribes and this 1 minute quiz will tell you which tribe we think you’re in. We do put age parameters on because it helps us write better copy – the narrower the age band, the more specific we can be with cultural references, case studies and other stuff.
We have a few more tribes on the drawing board – suggested and worked up with some readers. Will you take a minute to vote and tell us which ones you like?

  1. Grumpy Old Goats - 65+, already invested, sceptical. Are they in the right places? Keen to hear how others rate and review services. I have many volunteers to be the Chief Billy Goat and lead this tribe!
  2. Absolute Beginners - 25-55, totally new to investing but keen to understand a bit more
  3. Retirement Planners - 55-65, trying to get your heads round retirement and the transition from full-time work to part-time or a full escape

We'd love your feedback or any ideas. (Retirement Planners is a very boring name!! Early Escapees? ) And who’s missing?

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