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How I got started with investing: Carolan Dobson

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

21 July, 2018

“I think women get nervous around investments. There is often so much indecipherable jargon that they feel like they need seven degrees just to read the brochure. I’m now the chair of the Brunner investment trust and we’ve worked hard to improve our messaging – I send everything to my daughter, who isn’t in the finance industry, to make sure it’s all readable.

“I first started investing my twenties. I have always invested in investment trusts, and always done it by saving week by week and month by month. There was no immediate catalyst to start investing, but I was in the finance industry and felt it was a good thing to do. I like investment trusts because they provide easy access to a wide variety of markets and they pay steady dividends. You can also start with small amounts and it builds up quite well.

“The key message is that if you’re saving over the long-term – for a wedding, or for school fees – it doesn’t matter whether the market goes up or down one day. If you’re saving regularly, you’ll buy more when the market is low and less when it is high and it evens out over time.”