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Charles and his pension - an AJ Bell customer case study

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

20 Nov, 2020

We all get that pensions are important, but they can seem distant or confusing to the uninitiated. So we caught up with a super interested pension saver, Charles, to talk about his experiences. Charles has a workplace pension managed by Aviva, a private pension scheme with Moneybox and a private SIPP with AJ Bell.

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How interested are you in your pension?

"Extremely interested. I keep up to date and use all the tools available. I benefit from the AJ Bell magazine to read about the markets and so plenty of research into my investments. The apps from Moneybox and AJ Bell help make this extremely easy.

"Currently, I am looking to move into a more environmentally friendly investment strategy."

What would you like to see more of in pensions?

"I would love to see a bit more on environmentally friendly investing. Don't get me wrong, it's out there. However, I have found it's limited. With an ever increasing spotlight on environmental change (global warming, pollution, recycling plastic etc) I feel that some companies would really benefit from a business perspective on having these types of investments. Even if they start off with one fund that has that at the centre of its values."

What do you think about AJ Bell as a pension provider?

"AJ Bell has got to be, hands down, the best provider for me. Their platform is perfect, so easy to use. They have made everything so easy to handle, and I am still quite new to all of this. Their communication is brilliant and I feel very comfortable with them as the provider."

How would you explain pension saving to someone you care about?

"I would explain that putting money in your pension is going to be within their best interest. That doing this would help secure a comfortable living when you're older and potentially allow you to retire early and enjoy life.

"Even if you don't put money in, certainly gain some knowledge on pensions and keep track of yours, making sure to review the investment."

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