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Consumer Investment Awards 2019: Vote for your favourite investment companies

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

15 April, 2019

Someone will be soon be fighting back tears of pride and saying, “We’d like to thank the voters who made this possible.” But will that someone be a representative of Hargreaves Lansdown, Wealthify, Vanguard, or another of the UK’s highest-rated investment providers?

In our Consumer Investment Awards 2019 – in partnership with The Times and The Sunday Times – that decision is yours.

The investment awards where you’re the judge

There are no boardroom bigwigs deciding the winners in our awards. Not on your nelly.

Our Consumer Investment Awards are exactly that: by the consumer, for the consumer. After all, who knows better about what these companies are really like than the people who invest their hard-earned money with them, use their apps, and talk to them on the phone?

You selected the shortlist: The 9 providers you can vote for in the ‘Best Customer Service’ category are based on your ratings and reviews on our Boring Money Best Buys pages.

You select the winners: Your votes are the deciding factor in these awards. Only one of the seven categories is judged by experts. The rest are yours and yours alone. Vote now.

The categories we’d love your opinion on…

All you need to do is choose your favourite provider for any of the following categories (you don’t need to vote for categories you’re not interested in):

  • Best Customer Service

  • Best Share Dealing Service

  • Best for Beginners

  • Best New Investment Service

  • Best Money App

  • Best Online Investment Provider

  • Best Innovation will be judged by a panel including Holly Mackay and other specialists

This is your chance to get your opinion heard, to help show new investors who to trust, and to make sure the companies that do a great job get the recognition they deserve. All that in only 2 minutes and a handful of clicks. What are you waiting for?