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Podcast: Divorce, the gender pay gap and annual holidays!

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

1 Aug, 2017

A divorce can take years to finalise, during which time it can impact on the kids, our mental health and it can leave us struggling financially in the future. So how do you keep a cool head, during what is a really stressful time?

The good news is divorce rates are going down, and they have been for a while. The bad news is that over 100,000 couples still go through it every year.

In this podcast Holly, who has some experience here, and Georgie are joined by family lawyer Niamh Mccarthy from Slater & Gordon, and Sara Benwell Consumer Editor at Good Housekeeping.

The foursome will ponder the gender pay gap at work but also in relationships, and ask if you would be comfortable if your partner had a far bigger pay packet than you?

We also look at keeping holiday costs down, when is best to buy foreign currency and we navigate the minefield that is tipping abroad.

Plus Georgie gets to test the uber brain of finance whizz, Holly, who this week has just 60s to tell us what on earth a Stocks and Shares ISA is.

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