Divorce advice: the Ron and Hermione scenario

Harry Potter Proclamations

Ron Weasley and Hemione Granger

Young love has turned sour as their career fortunes have diverged and a Voldemort-less world has become kind of samey. She is now high up in the Ministry of Magic, while he’s a house-husband after a series of different jobs. He claims that he has supported her career, allowing her to climb the ladder. She says that he does the minimum at home, the house is a mess and he spends too much time watching the Chudley Cannons. It’s too much, they divorce on good terms, but how do they split the assets?

Financial lesson: Women have to pay half too. There is an assumption that it’s only men that have supported the family that have to pay up. Wrong. The starting point for divorce courts is equal division of a couple’s assets and no discrimination between the roles of home-maker and breadwinner, deeming both equally important. So, for Hermione and Ron, the assets get split 50/50, with a bit of wiggle-room depending on where the children are living. More to the point, Hermione is going to have to pay to support Ron if he takes care of the kids.

Fact: Regardless of gender, if you earn £50,000 a year, if you have 2 kids and they will spend 1-2 nights a week with you, you’d be expected to pay £126 a week. It’s a formula and set in stone for any of us Muggles earning less than £156,000 a year.

For more information about divorce, have a look at our Distressed Divorcer (Di-lighted) tribe. There's a new Boring Money Guide to Divorce for the new year. 

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