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What about when we are reaching retirement? The biggest problem we have with pensions is that people don’t fully understand them, and in some cases are scared of them. Do we therefore actually need financial advice when retiring?

With more people taking control of their pension pots, it seems good timing to discuss if financial advice should be given alongside pension products. In this podcast, Holly Mackay and Georgie Frost are joined by David Braithwaite of Citrus Financial, and Jasper Martens, VP Marketing at PensionBee, to discuss the need for financial advice, especially when reaching retirement. We also hear from Andy Webb, an online money blogger, who recommends his favourite money saving apps.

The older you get, the more interested you become in pensions and retirement. David shares his checklist of things to think about for anyone aged 55 plus, or heading towards retirement. Georgie also challenges Holly to explain pensions freedom in just 60 seconds – can she do it? Listen to find out.

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