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17 July, 2017

At Boring Money, we want make life easier for normal investors just like you. We think robo advisers offer a really great way to get into investment, but we realised that it was difficult to compare them and track how they perform against readymade multi-asset portfolios.

Not every company publishes performance figures in an easy to read way. And even when they do, there’s a lot of work involved to compare them all.

So we decided to do something about it.

This short report has been very popular with our Boring Money readers in the past. It's free to investors, will show you how the best performing robo adviser portfolios have done, what a ‘normal’ return looks like, and what sort of ups and downs we’ve seen along the way.

We gather this data from our own test accounts with each company. By investing £500 of our own money, we can calculate performance using numbers from the real world, and everything is calculated net of fees, which means costs are factored in to the returns we calculate. So you can see exactly how the value of your investment would have changed if you had a portfolio with one of these providers.

To download the free report, just fill out the form below. We’ll also sign you up to our weekly blog so you get all the latest updates from Boring Money.

If you want some help picking the right investment provider for you, head over the our Best Buys tables where you’ll find reviews and comparisons of some of the leading investment providers.

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