Fund selector favourites: Sustainable & ESG best buys

Sustainable fund selector favourites July 2020

Many fund platforms have started to add ‘responsible’ or ‘sustainable’ products to their fund selection lists as a filter.

Hargreaves Lansdown has just added 3 responsible funds to their Wealth Shortlist.

Charles Stanley Direct has created a shortlist of 7 socially responsible funds.

The Share Centre also has nice content and easy-to-navigate fund lists divided into categories including climate change & renewable energy; equality & diversity; healthcare and wellbeing and so on.

And Interactive Investor has their ‘ACE 30’ – a list of 30 funds which meet various ethical and sustainability criteria. Plus, to make it even easier to strike the right balance of funds, nicely divided across different regions and industries, they have also just released their suggestion of an Ethical Growth portfolio. Take a look!


The best of the best of the best buys - July 2020

The following table summarises which sustainable, responsible and ESG funds are top of the pops according to professional fund pickers. It compares and combines fund lists and suggestions from AJ Bell Youinvest, Barclays Smart Investor, Bestinvest, Charles Stanley Direct, Fidelity, Hargreaves Lansdown, Interactive Investor and The Share Centre.


See the full list of 50 funds with links to each fund's factsheet

As always, do have a read of the fund material and decide for yourself if the volatility is OK for you (not too wobbly or not too static) and the asset allocation (i.e. bonds, shares, countries etc) fits in as part of a bigger and diversified portfolio. Don’t stick all your eggs in one hemp basket!


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