Giving Grandparents


Today is a bit of a call out to grandparents. We’re working up a new money tribe – Giving Grandparents. You tell us there are particular issues you’d like more info on – saving for grandkids and Junior ISAs, planning for inheritance tax (as Labour suggest their manifesto could halve the maximum tax-free allowance for couples leaving family homes to their children from £850,000 to £425,000), and making the most of your pension under the still quite recent ‘pension freedoms’ which let you take money out of your pension from 55. Are you under State Pension age and do you help look after a grandchild under 12? If so make sure you check out the so-called Grandparents’ Credits.

We’d love to hear from any grandparents about financial issues which concern you or which you’d like some more info on. (And no, Dad, this is not a cue to send me a sarky email asking to borrow a tenner!) Financial advisers – what are the main financial issues that your clients who are grandparents have?

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