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Tips for beginners from seasoned investors

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

19 Mar, 2020

Tips for people new to the investing game, from those who've been kicked by falling markets before.

Share your suggestions and experiences in the comments below.

Seasoned investors, your wisdom is needed.

If you this isn't your first time at the rodeo - you've been kicked been falling markets before - then your experiences have value to the new kids on the block.

Some are worried, so what would you say to them? Some smell opportunity, so how would you suggest they approach it? Maybe they can learn from what's worked and failed in the past.

New investors, help is at hand.

You may be going stir crazy, working from home and itching to watch what your accounts are doing, but hold back. First, take on board the experiences of people who've been in your shoes before.

P.S. This isn't financial advice - these aren't professionals. They can't tell you what to invest in, but can give you a feel for how you might want to approach your options. We hope it helps.

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Investing tips for beginners from golden oldies

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