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Vast excitement at Boring Money HQ today as we reveal the winners of our 2020 Investor Choice Awards. Even greater excitement because I don’t need to shoehorn myself into The Black Tie Dress I have had since pre-child days to announce this. Huzzah! 2,872 of you voted (to be precise) – thanks for taking the time. So #drumroll, here are the winners:


Best DIY Investment Provider

Wealthify were the clear winners by a country mile. Freetrade and Interactive Investor were Highly Commended. 

When we asked their fans why they rated these services, 70% of Wealthify users cited Ease of Use. 59% of Interactive Investor users attributed it to Price. Despite its name and marketed USP, Freetrade was much more likely to be cited for Ease of Use than Price.

Other popular options with readers were Hargreaves Lansdown then Vanguard.

These are the top 5 as voted by our readers – and you can see what it is about each provider that their customers think they do best. Is it Ease of Use, Price or Service?

Best Fund Manager

Baillie Gifford won the popular vote by a narrow margin, with Vanguard and Fundsmith Highly Commended. 92% of you who picked Baillie Gifford did so because of performance. 63% of you who picked Vanguard did so because of price. 0% of those who nominated Fundsmith did so because of price – that was a resounding vote for performance too.

These are the top 5 as voted by our readers. Again, we asked what it was that they did best – Performance, Price or Communication?

Congrats to all the winners and thanks again to you guys for taking the time to vote.

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And for those who haven’t got gongs this week…

Yesterday, I cast my mind back to 1929 or whenever it was when I went into school to get my A’ Level results. Yes I am of the age when we had to go in and crowd around a noticeboard with a dog-eared piece of A4 pinned up. But I still remember the day and going with my mate Vicki for moral support – it was a milestone day. So I felt so sorry for the teens caught up in all this mess. If any of my readers have kids who are gutted and disappointed, I wanted to pass on this message.  

I have been running my own businesses since 2008. I’ve probably employed about 40 people over that time. When I think about my best people I honestly have no idea what A’ Levels they got or even where they went to uni. Good people are loyal, reliable, cheerful, honest, hard-working, have ideas, roll their sleeves up and get stuck in. They don’t give you grades for that. But it’s what I value. If I want a robot I’ll source an algorithm. The more interesting employers will see the people beyond the grades :0)

Have a lovely weekend everyone



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