Holly's Blog: Happy Christmas - and a look ahead to 2021

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At this time of year, I normally dust off a mild hangover in a body which feels like the fattened goose, and do a jolly round-up of the annual highlights.  Hmmmm……


Not one to fall at the last hurdle, I have trawled the depths of 2020 for a few highlights…… before I gratefully descend into a much more British list of ghastly things that have turned 2020 into the enormous pile of reindeer plop that it has been.


 Surprising or good things about 2020

  1. Despite the avalanche of guano from on high, the FTSE 100 is ‘only’ down by about 15% for the year.
  2. Showing astonishing resilience, the S&P500 is up by 14%. Tesla is up about 7.5 times! #bonkers
  3. More people than ever took the first step to invest – particularly and notably younger women. There are now more than 6.5 million DIY investment accounts in the UK and it’s growing fast.
  4. Donald Trump got the boot.
  5. Sustainable investing became seen as a pragmatic and financially sensible way to consider future value - as opposed to something for dungaree-wearing hippies
  6. Our crowdfunding – we welcomed over 900 shareholders to the Boring Money fold and raised more than 3 times what we set out to, fuelling our growth plans for 2021 and beyond.
  7. In a coming of age moment, I found myself idly wondering in April if I found the Chancellor of the Exchequer hot :0)
  8. Vacciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine


Irritating things about 2020

  1. Most of it :0)
  2. Home schooling. Being asked about single and parallel circuits during a conference call was a peak moment of awfulness
  3. “Mummy. Muuuuuuumy. Mu-u-um. MUU-UUUUMMMM!” #repeat50,000timesaday  “When’s snaaaaaaaaaaaack?”
  4. Cashflow
  5. “You’re on mute”
  6. Running out of white wine once in April #bleakday
  7. Brexit…….#nuffsaid
  8. Enduring endless football chat from my 12 year old who had no-one else to subject to this verbal machine-gunning #awfulArsenal #letmecoachthemandshowthemsomediscipline
  9. Bad WiFi and “you’re frozen” and “sorry, bad connection”
  10. Boris. Michael. Dominic. Most of them.


But less of this gloom, Scrooge! What’s next?

My friends, let me put my miserable whiny trifles to one side, and focus on something more positive. The future. Last week we asked you to help us with the Wisdom Of Crowds. What does 2021 have in store for financial markets? Here’s what you have told us so far:  


  • The three markets you think are going to do the best are China, the S&P 500 and Emerging Markets
  • The three markets/sectors you think are going to do the worst are gold, property and then developed Europe (ex UK).
  • The spicier sectors – not core markets – you think will do best are Global Clean Energy trackers, followed by Healthcare.
  • And finally you are an optimistic lot. Just one quarter of you think the FTSE100 will fall from today’s levels next year.


We are going to take all your input and build the ‘Boring Money 2021 Fund’ over the break. This will be our high conviction ‘multi-asset’ fund – a compilation of those global markets our readers think will do best in 2021. I’ll be buying the relevant investments on the first trading day of the year and we’ll track performance as we go, sharing the underlying ‘factsheet’ with you. How will we do!?


This is where it gets fun. (Well – fun if you’re a bit sad!) Because we know the age and gender of respondents, we can create different variations of our fund. Ladies we are going to take on the boys. We are outnumbered so far– like pretty much everything to do with finance – but this is my rallying cry to you to help me out. Boys – think you are the Wolves of Wall Street and the Emirs of Emerging Markets?



We’ll keep our survey open until Monday 23rd , build the fund and share the results in January.


Introducing our next Prime Minister

Our last question in the survey was who you wanted to see as Prime Minister by this time next year. I am pleased to report back that the clear winner is the "Redundant Christmas Turkey". Dishy Rishi is second. Watch your back BoJo.  


I would like to thank you all very much for your support and interest this year. Although we were not immune to the hurricane of 2020, we have battled through, charted a course and are now growing fast – about 40,000 website visitors a month, over 12,000 blog subscribers and 900+ shareholders. Thanks to all of you, the Boring Money team, my kids and most of all my inspirational, supportive and funny parents for helping me to keep going when it all felt too much!


We’ll be back on Friday 8th January, ready for what I hope will be a kick-ass year.  Have a wonderful Christmas everyone



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