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How to use Boring Money: simple ways to learn, compare, ask and improve

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

1 Jan, 2021

If you've made it here then you must be thinking seriously about improving your finances. So let's make it easy. Here's where you'll find our most popular and useful tools and tips to get you in control of your dosh.

1. Give yourself a financial fitness checkup

The best place to start if you’re unsure what your financial priorities should be. Answer a few simple questions and get a personal plan to help you clear debts, set up tax-free savings and understand your options.

Take the Financial Fitness quiz (

2. Understand common priorities for people at your life stage

Find out which of our 12 Money Tribes you fit into – including Suspicious Savers, Tired Parents, Rebellious Renters and more – to read tailored guides full of tips and suggestions specific to your life stage.

Take the Money Tribe quiz (

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3. Get to know your options for savings, investments and pensions

Our financial product guides start with the basics – how does it work, who is it for, why would I want it – and then help you understand the practicalities of choosing between providers and managing accounts. Covering ISAs, JISAs, ETFs, pensions and more (and don’t worry – it’s a jargon-free zone).

Browse financial product guides (

4. Compare what’s on offer from leading ISA and pension providers

Our Best Buys tables bring together customer ratings, our own expert reviews, fee calculations, and lots of ways to filter your results to find what suits you best. Featuring over 30 of the UK’s biggest and most popular providers for investments and pensions.

Compare ISAs and investment accounts (

Compare pensions (

5. Calculate and compare fees for ISAs and pensions

Check how your current investment providers stack up against the competition, or compare your options when opening a new account – without having to root around for hidden fees or decipher obscure percentages. Our Investment Fees Calculator is easy to use for beginners, with extra features for more experienced investors.

Calculate investment fees (/)

6. Understand how to make sustainable choices with your savings

Where you keep your savings and investments matters, and can have a big impact on the environment and society. For example, imagine the implications of investing in fossil fuels versus investing in renewable energy. It's up to you how sustainable you go, so read up on your options.

Take the quiz to see if sustainable investing is for you (

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7. Ask a question to our money experts and read what others are asking

If you can't find what you need in one of our many guides or tools, don't fret! You can ask your own original questions for one of our dedicated experts to get back to you on. You might even find your question has been asked before, so take a look at our Ask section to see what's on our readers' minds.

Ask questions and read answers (

8. Keep up to date with our latest articles and Holly’s Blog

Take your pick of topics in our wide array of articles, which take a closer look at financial products and trends, offer suggestions from experts to help you make better choices, and offer jargon-free alternatives to the stuffy financial pages.

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