Introducing our independent Investment Fees Calculator

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In a few clicks, our brand new, industry-first Investment Fees Calculator boils it all down to one simple £ figure. That means it’s now easier than ever to compare investment platforms and robo advisers to find the best deal.


Compare 20 providers based on the fees they charge – taking into account the amount you invest and type of account you use (ISA, JISA, SIPP, GIA)

Tailor your results to your investment style and preferences – including shares vs funds, lump sums vs monthly payments, DIY vs ready-made

Check independent reviews and ratings at the same time – see what existing customers and our independent experts think of each provider at a glance

Perfect for absolute beginners and confident investors – our calculator is simple enough to use without any investment knowledge, but also has plenty of advanced features

Compare investment fees now


How to use our independent Investment Fees Calculator

Investment Fees Calculator - Boring Money

If you’re new to investing

1. Tell us how much money you’d like to invest

Whether you’d like to invest a lump sum in one go or top up your account every month, enter the full amount you’d like to invest over a year.


2. Choose which type(s) of account you’ll be using

You might just want to make the most of a simple tax-free ISA, or you might want to mix and match with Junior ISAs, ISAs, Self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs), and general investment accounts (GIAs).


3. Compare your results – both fees and reviews

At a glance, we’ll show you your options from 20 different providers. As well as estimates of your annual fees, you can compare recommendation scores from existing customers and star ratings from our own independent experts. You can even click through to our Best Buys pages to read reviews and further details about each provider. (Scroll down this page for a snapshot.)


If you’re an experienced investor

You’ll use our Investment Fees Calculator in much the same way as above, but can also tailor the calculations for more accurate results.

You can fine-tune things like:

• How you split your investments between funds and shares

• How many individual funds and shares you’ll invest in

• How often you’re likely to trade over the year

Advanced settings - work out your investment charges


Your results will look something like this…

(The following example is based on a £1,000 investment in an ISA. It’s only to show you what the results page looks like – not which providers could be best for you.)

Work out your own investment fees now

Stop scratching your head and start making more confident choices with your hard-earned money!

Get started with our independent Investment Fees Calculator

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