How to use our new Pensions Best Buys Table


We know all this finance malarky can be difficult to navigate. Which is why we’ve launched our independent Pensions Best Buys table. No longer simply a filter on our broader ISAs & Investments Best Buys table – now you can give them the attention they deserve.

From seeing which providers come most recommended by us or our readers, to understanding what fees each company will charge, there are plenty of tools and filters to help you choose who to put your nest egg with. Here’s how!


Step 1: Set how much you have to invest

The most important question for many is “How much will I get charged” – so we’ve created a tool to help you figure this out right from the start.

  1. Use the slider (marked as 1 in the image below) or type directly into the box (marked as 2) to tell us how much money you have or plan to put into your pension.
  2. Then hey presto – look at the column marked as 3 to see what sort of fees you will be charged.

If this is the most important thing to you, you can then sort the results by fees by clicking on the Cost column.


Step 2: Sort your initial results

There are plenty of other ways you can filter and sort your results. Firstly, you can use the column headers highlighted in yellow below.

  • Want to know which providers we rate most highly? Click the “We say” column. Or just look for the Best Buy logos in the left hand column!
  • Want to know which providers are loved by their customers? Filter by the “You say” column for ratings based on service, value and website. Or select the “Recommended by you” column to see how likely it is a customer would recommend the provider.
  • If you know who you’re looking for (perhaps you want to see how your current provider stacks up), you can get good old fashioned A-Z results by clicking on the “Provider” column.


If this gives you the results you want, you can then see at a glace the three most important things we think you should know about each provider “In a nutshell”. Or for more detailed Boring Money analysis of their apps, product range, customer reviews and more, you can click the “Info button”.

Still want more? You can click the “Visit” button to go to a provider’s site. (FULL DISCLOSURE at this point! Buttons which are orange denote providers that give us a referral fee. This helps us pay the wages of our brilliant staff that keep this site going! It does not affect our reviews or ratings.)


Step 3: Add filters to narrow your results

Still confused? Too many providers to pick through? Use our left hand filters to zone in on only the most relevant results.

  • To trim it down to the best rated providers, click on “We Say” or “Recommended by You” in the “Ratings” section (marked as 1 in the image below)
  • Want to see what’s best for small / large portfolios? Those with sustainable options? Providers with a great mobile app? Filter in the “Best for” section (marked as 2)
  • Want to see results that suit beginner or confident investors only? Use the “Recommended for” section (marked as 3)
  • Know you want a robo-adviser? Or know that you don’t?! Use the “Type” section (marked as 4)


Step 4: Compare your pension shortlist

Almost figured it out? Want to compare a final few? You can click up to four providers in the far right hand column of the main table to see them all at a glance.


Hopefully this step by step will help you get to the bottom of which pension provider should be your top pick! And means Future You can enjoy your retirement to the max!

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