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Investing in a better tomorrow: could you be a Sustainable Saver? Print Version 27/01/2020

11 July, 2017

Introducing our newest Money Tribe, the Sustainable Savers...

Sustainable Savers ( People who invest in companies that both make a decent profit and do good for people and planet – be that cleaning up the oceans, tackling social injustice, or building businesses fit for a fairer economy. In short, they're the heroes of the investing world. And you could be one too.

What is a Money Tribe? A group of people with similar financial challenges, hopes or circumstances – like being self-employed or getting divorced. We help each of our 11 Money Tribes ( understand their financial priorities.

Where are you on the spectrum of Sustainable Savers?

You may be imagining a rainbow of picket line hippies, student protestors and Extinction Rebels, but you don’t have to march in the street to be a Sustainable Saver ( Most of us are actually rather beige, and prefer to make a difference from a reclined position, investment app in hand, biscuit tin close by.

Some of us are just in it for the money, really – because it makes financial sense to invest in progressive, forward-thinking companies instead of questionable relics of an outdated age.

Some of us are all about the positive impact we can have– we like to see our £50 or £50,000 grow, but also want to know how many MWh of renewable energy we’ve generated, how much we’ve shifted the gender balance at board level, how many people we’ve vaccinated against illness.

Some of us simply want to avoid causing inadvertent harm – we no longer turn a blind eye to how our pensions and savings are invested by default, which often meant supporting controversial or downright deadly companies like Big Tobacco and Guns R Us. (Besides, on a purely financial note, they’re not even worth the risk.)

Let us know where you think you fit in the comments section after this article. We're intrigued to know!

We'll take you from curious to confident

Stories and suggestions from your Money Tribe

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Meet the Sustainable Savers (

How to get started with sustainable investing

· Start with the basics, like what ‘sustainable’ and ‘ESG’ mean, then work your way to choosing a provider

· Debunk myths around making less money, being too old to start, greenwashing and more

· Compare providers based on fees, reviews, and who puts their money where their mouth is

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