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5 best money apps for beginner investors and thrifty kids

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

21 May, 2019

If your family is clueless about how to save and invest (and don’t worry – 64% of non-investors find it difficult to understand) these smartphone apps will give both you and your kids a helping hand.

Best app for getting your pensions in order


Do you know where your pensions are? What about the ones from long-forgotten previous employers? It’s hard to keep track.

PensionBee does the remembering for you. With minimal effort, the app tracks down all your past pensions and bundles them up into one account. Much easier.

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Best app for investing your loose change


Great for a really easy welcome to investing. In a nutshell, Moneybox automatically invests the change left over from your purchases into a stocks and shares ISA.

Simply connect your bank account in moments, choose a type of investment (cautious, balanced or adventurous) and let the app do the rest in the background.

Best app for investing in things you know


One of the most common reasons for not investing is quite simply because you don’t know which companies to put your money into. Dabbl lessens the confusion by helping you invest in companies you already know.

This is great if you want to own a slice of the restaurant chain or fashion brand you love and support. However, we tend to recommend you invest in funds (multi-packs of different companies) instead of individual shares, because it’s a little less risky. Dabbl doesn’t do funds.

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Best learning and pocket money apps for kids

Savings Spree

Winner of a Parents’ Choice Award, Savings Spree is a financial education app that uses quirky artwork and activities to introduce your kids to healthy spending and saving.

Throughout each mini game, the kids earn imaginary money for good decisions or lose it for bad ones.

They learn how to prioritise spending, avoid impulse buys, understand bank balances, and much more.

Will they take the hotel shampoo bottle home? Will they get a babysitting job to afford some new shoes? Download it and find out!


This is a combo of a pre-paid debit card with a pocket money app.

You can set tasks for the kids which, when completed, release pocket money to their card.

The kids can set savings targets, watch what they spend and learn good money habits like budgeting.

Plus, each goHenry card is unique to each child. Want a monkey on it? Done. Prefer a pineapple? No problem.

Also, check out RoosterMoney and see which app design the kids like better.

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Really, we’ve only scratched the surface here. There are tons of great investment services out there these days, many of which have a pretty good app. To see what real customers thinkof them, and what our profesh opinion is, try to always check out our Best Buy tables.