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New ISA & Pension comparisons: Best Buy ratings + customer reviews + fee calculator

11 July, 2017

Introducing our new improved investments comparison site, now with a built-in ISA fees calculator.

It’s decision time. Tax-free ISA allowances have refreshed, share prices are the lowest they’ve been in years, and you may be wondering about the best place to put your money for the future. So which investment provider should you go for?

A good place to start is by comparing independent ratings of each provider’s service and products, checking out what customers say, and figuring out if their fees work for how you intend to invest. Handily, our new improved ISA & Pension comparison tool ( has everything you need in one place.

NEW: Our Best Buys tables and Fee Calculator combined

We’ve been looking forward to sharing this! Our aim is to make it as simple as possible for you to understand your options and make better choices for your financial future. To that end, we’ve combined our two most powerful investment de-mystification tools. Now you can compare detailed ratings and reviews of providers AND get a personalised estimate of each of their fees.

Completely free, independent and easy to use, just think of all those hours of research you’ll get back!

Compare service, products and value

Our ISA & Pension comparison table helps thousands of people every week to decide which online ISAs or pensions are the best fit.

• Filter by price, ease of use and more

• See our independent views based on our extensive research and industry expertise

• Read customer ratings and reviews to hear from the people who know best

Best Buys 2020

Look out for the Best Buy column to who won our awards for Best ISA and Best Pension this year. More detail here (

Compare fees tailored to you

Now including a built-in fee calculator, you can compare what providers are likely to charge without doing the legwork yourself.

• Compare clear £ fees of over 25 providers side by side

• Simply enter the amount you intend to invest and we’ll work it out for you instantly

Want even more control?

Tweak settings around types of account and frequency of investments with the full version of our free Investment Fees Calculator. Try it out here (

Compare ISAs & Pensions now (

In your own words…

No one has the time to dig into every ISA and investment supplier, so it’s good to see a short and sweet yet comprehensive website which gives the salient factors and allows some quick comparisons. From there one can go and explore further.


I really like how Holly breaks down the good/bad/ugly of each investment platform on the website, it helped me decide which ones to use depending on what I was looking for at the time.


Just used the calculator and am so impressed!!! I’d been struggling for weeks to work out which was the cheapest platform to use as a new investor. I even had pages of scribbled maths to try to calculate it.


The calculator confirms what we have suspected for a long time, hence our gradual move to cheaper platforms, when possible.


This is precisely what normal (non-finance) folk need to guide us away from the investment sharks.


How will you use our new comparison tool?

Let us know which questions you'll seek answers to in the comments below...

Compare ISAs & Pensions now (