Holly's top picks: 6 great mobile-first investment services and apps

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Mobile-first investment at a glance

Opens the doors to new investors who want a friendly introduction to the stock market without being overwhelmed.

Handy for experienced stock jockeys who want more ways to tweak their portfolios, check in on valuations, and maybe even trim away some management fees.

Fairly limited functionality beyond checking balances and basic trading – we still prefer using a desktop for detailed reading and analysis.


Holly’s top picks for investing on the go

Holly has test accounts with over 30 investment services and providers. Here are the app-solute best in the mobile market.


PensionBee – beginner

I like this pensions consolidation service which is unusually brief, to the point and clear, with friendly people behind the scenes to help mop up all those pensions from former employers into one simple account supported by an increasingly useful app.


Moneybox – beginner

Super user friendly for those who are new to the world of investing, who don’t want layers of complexity and decisions, this app will round up your loose change and add it to a stocks & shares ISA which quietly tots up behind the scenes. Relatively pain-free and even fun!


Moneyhub – intermediate

A budgeting and financial management app which uses increasingly clever tech to bring your money decisions under one roof and prompt some smarter decisions. You can see credit cards, banks accounts and some investment and pensions accounts brought together in one place which is nice.


Dabbl – intermediate

I love the idea of this – buy the brands you love – although the investment purist in me thinks that a more diversified approach is better for most, so I personally steer clear. However if you fancy owning a slice of a fashion brand, a restaurant chain or another brand you want to back, then these guys bring it alive and add a dollop of fun to the process.


AJ Bell Youinvest – experienced

A better app for investors with a blend of funds and shares who want valuations, portfolio updates and trading on the go. Packed full of research, this is a decent shop window to this fairly priced investment service


Hargreaves Lansdown – experienced

Arguably the fullest investment app, I have linked my kids’ Junior ISAs, an ISA and a pension here so I can see them all on the app as well as top up, trade, submit orders, withdraw money and more. This is one of the few investment apps which doesn’t feel like the mobile warm-up act to the main desktop performer.


There’s a lot more where they came from…

We all have different preferences when it comes to investing our hard-earned cash, so if none of the apps above took your fancy, try out those from:

Aviva, Charles Stanley Direct, Evestor, Fidelity, IG, Interactive Investor, Moneyfarm, Nutmeg, Santander, Standard Life, The Share Centre, True Potential, Wealthify, or Wealth Simple.

To find out how other investors rate their services, check out our independent Best Buys.


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