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Is it time to rethink crypto? Watch the webinar replay

9 Aug, 2021

Crypto replayCrypto replay

Calling all Crypto investors - those who are tempted but unsure of the risks

Is Crypto really going to the moon or is it just enjoying a brief moment in the sun?

Spoiler alert...we haven't really got the answer!! In fact, nobody does and social media influencers guaranteeing that the only way is up for crypto should be treated with caution.

Boring Money has more and more readers who are wondering if they should invest. Some have burned their fingers already and are steering clear. Some are feeling flushed with early success and want more. And most are curious about whether this investment type has moved from something ‘the kids’ do to something more mainstream.

Our webinar

We partnered with eToro to bring you a webinar to really dig into these crypto questions. Holly talks with popular investor Heloise Greeff, copied by 20,561 on the platform, and eToro’s digital currencies expert Quinn Markwith. What really is it? How does it work? How can we compute the risks and how does it fit in a portfolio – if at all?

Not a meme chasing, Reddit-style frenzy of self-congratulatory gambling dressed up as investing. What we want to bring is a sensible discussion which covers:

  • What the bloody hell are cryptocurrencies!?

  • How do they work and what is the blockchain which underpins them?

  • What’s all this mining business?

  • What are the different types available. I mean Doge…..really? Is bitcoin ‘safer’?

  • How can I buy and sell crypto? And what am I then holding and where is it!? Wallets. Blockchain.

  • How is it regulated and what are my consumer protections?

  • Will this become a legitimate asset class? Or is it best seen as play money and maybe a punt on the side?

  • A Q&A session with your questions

Led by CEO Holly Mackay we tackle your questions and try to leave you better informed as to the nature of crypto and whether it belongs in your portfolio.

Webinar replay

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