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The still unloved LISA

Just to recap (because there are so many flipping types of ISA these days!!)... a Lifetime ISA is a Cash or Stocks and Shares account that can be opened by anyone aged between 18 and 40. You can add up to £4,000 each year, which the government will top up with another 25% – so potentially adding an extra £1,000 per year to your savings. The catch is that your savings must be used to purchase a first home or save for retirement. For anything else there are 25% exit fees, which take back the 25% Government bonus, as well as taking a small slice out of your savings.
LISAs have been a bit slow to catch on. Skipton Building Society was the only group to offer a Cash LISA (as opposed to a Stocks and Shares LISA) up until August 2018. Since then, you can now also choose Cash LISAs from Newcastle Building Society as well as Nottingham Building Society.

Only a handful of firms offer Stocks and Shares LISAs - Nutmeg is probably the best for investment newcomers and we'd suggest AJ Bell Youinvest or Hargreaves Lansdown for those who want to dig a little deeper into the stock market. 
Interactive Investor throws down a low-cost gauntlet

In other news this week, Interactive Investor announced some pricing changes. These guys are ramping up and have bought TD Direct Investing which makes them the second biggest broker in Blighty. They'll also be adding Trustnet Direct to the fold. You will pay a flat £22.50 per quarter for their investment accounts regardless of how much you hold. Charges for their pension are also reportedly increasing from £96 to £120 a year. 
If you're currently with TD, the move to a flat fee means you're likely to see your charges fall if you have more than about £30,000.

Reviews on our website for Interactive Investor tend to focus on the platform’s low charges but are less happy with the website and service. They're clearly in an ambitious growth phase with a new board and chief exec. They do have work to do to get their service to the same level as the pricier giant Hargreaves. It will be interesting to see how they tackle this. It's certainly another challenge to Hargreaves who start to look just too expensive for larger accounts.

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We can’t wave a magic wand but we can share some quick ways to get ahead and max out what you’re entitled to.

Rebellious Renters

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How can I save for that house which feels so far from reality?


Meet LISA – the new account for spring chickens

And so a new tax year and Spring is upon us with a new £20,000 annual ISA allowance, a new £4,128 Junior ISA allowance (which bureaucrat came up with that awkward number!?) and the new Lifetime ISA for spring chickens who are enviably under 40. As if being under 40 were not a bonus enough in itself, for every £1 you save in a LISA, the Government will give you 25p. FOR FREE!!!

Meet LISA – the new account for spring chickens

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