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Meet our new baby

11 July, 2017

Well I never thought of myself as having much in common with Jacob Rees-Mogg but we both announce the births of new babies this week.

This week saw the birth of Sixtus Dominic Boniface Christopher and our second version of the Boring Money website. Secondus Boringus Moneycus.

We’d love to invite all our lovely subscribers to have a look. Two new bits I’d highlight are the new customer ratings and reviews ( section – and also our quizzes (

Lots of you just want to know where to invest and who to trust. Although we test all providers pretty thoroughly, there is no substitute for user opinions which now form a key part of our ratings. To make sure our experience isn’t a one-off. Wrong. Biased. So we’ve collected ratings and reviews from ‘normal’ investors like you and share these in our Best Buys ( section. You can filter our Best Buys by what we think. Or by what other investors think.

If you have an online investment account please have a look and add your view ( to the mix. Currently top of the customer polls for Stocks & Shares ISAs are Charles Stanley, AJ Bell Youinvest, Hargreaves Lansdown then Nutmeg – these are the options you are most likely to recommend to a friend or family. I love these ratings - if we say a service is great but you all consistently 'diss it', well that goes into our overall assessment of that provider.

Secondly we’ve developed our 6 point financial fitness pla ( ( which is primarily focussed on people aged between 25 and 60, in the pre-retirement stage. We built this after spending time with advisers and hearing the same questions and issues being raised over and over again. Some bits of our financial lives can be straightforward and we should be able to do these ourselves. Other bits are hand-bangingly complicated (often to do with retirement and pensions) and one-to-one financial advice is a good idea. (Btw don’t forget you can look for an adviser who you can pay an hourly fee – you don’t need to sign up for life! More on how to find a good adviser ( coming soon...)

Our quiz tackles 7 things that we think form the core basics of our financial fitness. Complete the 7 question quiz and we’ll generate your individual report with some tips and ideas to help you. Thanks to the financial advisers who helped us with the content and who sense-checked this report.

We hope you enjoy the site – please share with your friends if you do! And if you don’t we’d love to hear why ( so we can improve.

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