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No Nasties

7 Aug, 2019


No Nasties

No Nasties savers say enough is enough. They don’t want to be involved in the profits if an investment causes harm, so ‘sin stocks’ such as tobacco or weapons have no place in their portfolios. With these excluded, No Nasties savers can grow their savings with peace of mind.

  • 2.7 million savers and investors in the UK

  • Mixed ages (35 and over)

  • Mostly women

More than half…

✓ Recycle

✓ Reduce food waste

✓ Limit single use plastic

✓ Shop locally

More than a third…

✓ Limit air travel

Funds suggested by Morningstar

We work with global research firm Morningstar who supply us with data every three months. We then map the funds to each type of investor and their stated preferences.

The No Nasties funds:

  • Are broadly available to retail investors through mainstream platforms

  • Have a High Morningstar Sustainability Rating

  • Have an overall Morningstar rating of 5 stars (out of 5)

  • Are in the top 2 performance quartiles over 1 year and 3 years

  • Have a Carbon Risk Score of under 7

  • Exclude alcohol, tobacco, small arms, gambling, controversial weapons, adult entertainment

Fund List

The links below will take you to Morningstar hosted factsheets, where you can read their technical research view and assess a funds sustainability rating and its Environmental, Social and Governance scores.