Our Preferred Fund Lists


We like:

  1. Hargreaves Lansdown – their Wealth 150+ rather confusingly is a list of about 90 funds which they think are the best options at the best prices.
  2. Trustnet Direct – they have a list of about 100 funds they like called the Trustnet Direct 100.
  3. Chelsea Financial Services has a core list which is currently a bunch of 42 funds
  4. And Fidelity has its Select 50 list – with guess how many funds on it!?

These are all useful starting points to see which funds the research boffins like. They will typically split them up by region or ‘asset class’ so you can see, for example, their 2 or 3 picks in Asia, which British funds they like, and what they do for property. If this is all still too much choice for you then we suggest you pick a multi-asset fund or look at a Robo Adviser.


Multi asset funds

The investment equivalent of a balanced meal. Instead of meat, rice and veg, you’ll get some shares, bonds and cash blended for you.

Multi asset funds

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