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Easy online calculators for your pensions, taxes, savings and more

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

2 May, 2019

To make the fun job of planning your finances even easier, we’ve gathered the handiest online tools for your taxes, pensions, savings, investments and more. So get comfy, pour yourself a tall glass to numb the numerical boredom, and let’s sort out your finances for yet another year.

Thanks to Money Advice Service, Which? and Hargreaves Lansdown for whipping up these handy tools.

Investments and savings

Regular savings calculator

Whether you’re curious about what your regular savings will add up to over time, or you have a specific target you’re aiming for, this simple calculator can help.

Stocks and Shares ISA calculator

Get a rough estimate of what your savings could grow into if you invest with a tax-free ISA.

Dividends calculator (

If any of your investments pay out regularly in dividends you may have to count it as income and pay tax. Find out what the cost will be here.

Investment fees calculator

Figuring out what you’ll actually pay for your investments can be bloody hard, with some providers being as transparent as a brick wall. But there is hope. Check out our free Investment Fees Calculator to compare both prices and customer ratings of popular investment and pension providers. You can get basic results in moments or go into detail with the advanced settings - here's how it works (

Pension and retirement

Retirement income options tool

Whether you use a combination of pensions or think of your business and home as your retirement pot, this interactive tool will walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know and do.

Workplace pension contribution calculator

Unless you’ve opted out, you should be paying into a pension through work and your employer should be topping it up. Here’s what that should look like based on your salary.

Pension carry forward and annual allowance calculator

Did you know that if you have any pension allowance left over from previous years you can carry it forward to this year? That means you could save up to £160,000 this year and still get tax relief. Work it out quickly here.

Pension drawdown calculator

If you’ve reached the ripe age of 55 and are ready to pluck some of your pension, you can typically take 25% as a tax-free lump sum. Here’s how that could look for you, and whether it’s worth it.

Pension annuity delay tool

Is it worth taking your pension payments straight away or should you wait a few years? Here you can weigh up the costs and benefits to make an informed decision.

Taxes and more taxes

Income tax calculator

Get an indication of how much money you should set aside to pay your taxes. Chuck in your income and the value of any lump sums, then click a button and hey presto.

Council tax calculator

Almost every council across the nation has upped the price of living there this year. But by how much? Simply pop your post code into this handy tool from Which? and get an answer lickety-split.

National Insurance calculator

It’s easy to forget about National Insurance. Either it comes out of your pay packet automatically or it’s another thing to remember at self-assessment time. Keep on top of things with this calculator.

Inheritance tax calculator

Will you have to pay inheritance tax on the stuff you leave behind? Input your savings, properties and debts to find out.

Other money-planning tools

Inflation calculator

Find out how inflation affects the buying power of your savings, and how much growth you need to make sure you aren’t losing out.

Household budget planner

Get a snapshot of all your annual income and expenses to plan ahead and check you’re on track to stay in the black.

Can’t find what you need?

Money Advice Service have a shed load of calculators for mortgages, debts, loans, credit cards and more. You can find them on their calculators and tools page.

That’s all from us for now. Time to top up that wine glass, I reckon. Happy planning!

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