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Divorce advice: the Cinderella and Prince Charming scenario

11 July, 2017

Prince Charming has a pre-nup, of course – he has a whole kingdom to protect – but would it do any good?

No-one wants to think of love’s young dream going wrong, but the problems were there from the start. She had been a victim of domestic abuse, he had had a privileged upbringing and knew little of the real world. She grew tired of the pressures of being a queen – all those foreign trips, museum openings and charity work. After 30 years as King, he abdicated in favour of his son, and they went their separate ways. He’d had a pre-nup, of course – he had a whole kingdom to protect – but did it do any good?

Financial lesson: Pre-nups don’t get you out of your responsibility. Katrin Radmacher, a German paper company heiress worth an estimated £100m, thought she had ringfenced her inherited wealth from any future divorce settlement. But when she split from her husband, investment banker Nicolas Granatino, he ended up with £1m and a property in Chelsea.

Fact: Pre-nups can be arranged online from about £200. A more normal fee from a solicitor would be in the region of £900, which may be small beer compared to the risk of it going pear-shaped.

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