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Reginald: How I'd use the Investment Fees Calculator

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

23 July, 2020

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Reginald, an investment deal hunter

Wants to invest: £20,000 in a tax-free ISA and £30,000 in a GIA – to be transferred from an existing provider

Preferred approach: Checking to see if moving investments to a new provider will mean paying less in fees

Funds or shares: As a confident DIY investor, Reginald will trade shares a few times throughout the year

How Reginald would use the calculator

1. Type £50,000 into the first box (£20,000 + £30,000)

2. Tick the box that says 'I have a combination of these accounts' 

3. Type 40% into the ISA box (because £20,000 is 40% of the total £50,000) and 60% into the GIA box (because £30,000 is 60% of the total £50,000)

4. Click the down arrow to reveal the advanced settings

5. Use the slider to split the money between funds and shares – Reginald has chosen to have 100% of the total £ value of his investments in shares

6. Use the slider to select the total number of trades you will make in funds over the year – Reginald has selected 0 trades

7. Use the slider to select the total number of trades you will make in shares over the year – Reginald has selected 10 trades

To save your results, simply add your email address in the dark blue box next to your results.

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Drum roll please! Reginald's results...

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Calculations correct as at 15/7/2019

Notes about these results

• Remember that price isn’t everything – you might prefer a slightly more expensive investment platform or robo adviser that has a higher rating. It’s up to you!

• As the years roll by, your overall investment pot will likely grow in size. If it does, you may want to come back and try the calculator again to make sure you’re still getting the best deal.

Try it for yourself: the Investment Fees Calculator (